Cat Kitten Fish toy Kitty Boink & Silvervine catnip stick


Cat Kitten Fish toy Kitty Boink


Bite resistant: Fine structure of this pet toy makes it durable for biting. Don’t worry it will be chewed up and for this reason we do advise you keep an eye on your kitty whilst he/she is playing, better for them to chew this up than your furniture

Make your pet happy: Cute and cuddly stuffing chew toy entertains your lovely pets

Size: Length 14.5cm, perfect size for cat, kitten or other small pets Safe and High Quality. Please allow 1-3cm error due to manual measurement

High quality: Let your pet play this toy without any worries, the linen and cotton are non-toxic and high quality,  Natural Silvervine catstick, a small amount of non-toxic glue is used .


Teeth Cleaning Effects: Exfoliating Dental Plaque Build-Ups on Their Teeth to Improve Dental Health During playing.

Additional information

Weight 25 g

Purple, Green, Blue, Orange


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